Wednesday, January 28, 2015

[ one of yelloh! villages' many cool accommodations ]

as i am writing this post, snow is falling for the first time this year. are you also getting a little tired of the winter yet? on a few occasions plans for our summer holiday already came up. what's the next destination? maybe europe for a change? one thing we already agreed on; it has to be sunny.

last week i was approached to feature a blog on yelloh! village, europe's finest open air hotels. they have 65 campingsites in france and spain. this got me thinking about my very first time camping abroad. my best friend and i just graduated from high school and that summer we went camping with her parents. we drove all the way to spain with a caravan. i have very fond memories of this holiday. as fifteen year olds we had the best time spending the day at the pool or beach. hanging out with all the other kids from the campsite. chat the night away in our little tent to wake up the next morning and step out barefoot in the morning dew.
those were some days ;)

i would be up for a camping trip! my husband on the other hand wouldn't. he has never been a fan of camping and associates it with primitive living. 'why stay in a tent or a small mobile home when even our apartment is more comfortable?'

well, camping these day's doesn't have to be just in a tent or basic caravan anymore. yelloh! village introduces glamping. yes, that's glamour and camping in one word! 
"You can combine the benefits of an authentic stay in the heart of the countryside, without the disadvantages, and with the comfort and luxury of a quality hotel. You too can come and enjoy the new trend of "glamping", the chic version of camping! Air-conditioned accommodation, top-of-the range fittings, quality interior decoration and more. It'll be even better than being in an hotel!" [red.] 
and off course every village is equipped with stretches of natural and artificial water, play areas and outdoor swimming pools, either covered or heated. 

the thing i like about camping is being close to nature. spending your days outdoors, which also makes it very easy to get in contact with your fellow campers. it's a social experience and maybe the authentic way is a little primitive but that's also it's charm. anyway... sunny or not, if i want to go camping with my husband, i might have to introduce him with glamping ;) it definitely got me excited!

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