Wednesday, October 1, 2014

a few years ago i called a halt to my shopping. i didn't like how much money and time i was spending on shopping for clothes?! cleaned out my closet. organized my wardrobe and realized i really did have everything i need. there was nothing missing, except for the perfect lbd [little black dress] which i still haven't found, but than again till this day don't miss. and so i decided no more shopping clothes and accessories for six months!

with some occasional exceptions it wasn't that hard at all. i didn't spend my time window shopping at my favorite stores or shop/browse online. the place where i can spend hours putting everything into the virtual shopping basket. empty it. and start over again. or start the search for the better best deal. recognizable?
it was actually quite liberating. after six months i didn't go all wild and just buy anything i wanted. on the contrary. i found everything to be expensive and had difficulties spending money on things i liked rather than needed. after six months i decided to start the new year, again with another six months of no shopping.

as i am writing this post, the project above just came to mind. at the moment i'm putting together my fall/winter wardrobe. starting of with some great basics, keeping it comfortable, simple and clean. maybe when i've put all this together it's a good idea to start the project again in 2015. and while i was never a big spender and usually think twice before buying anything, saving money and time is never a bad idea.   

long sleeve: zara
jeans: zara
hat: h&m
studs: here

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