Wednesday, August 20, 2014

everyone knows the unikko [poppy] print from marimekko. even if you didn't know it's name or where it came from, you've definitely seen it somewhere around. this year unikko is celebrating her 50 years. and this for a print that shouldn't even have existed.
a bold graphic flower print that either you like or you don't. i must admit i have grown to appreciate the print since i've studied to make prints myself. it's unniko's simplicity that makes it as strong as it is. the shape is always recognizable as being unikko. the way it can be used on almost every thinkable surface or item. the way it's adaptable to time and fashion by just changing the color. it has everything it needs, for it to be a great and sustainable print. unikko has truly become iconic. i say 'here's to another 50 years!' 

when i was in sydney i, of course had to visit the store. print, dot and stripe galore!

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