Sunday, May 4, 2014

don't you just love a bright, fringy tassel? well i certainly do! i finally found a cute dutch webshop that sells them and ordered two streamers with 4 different colors. at first i was planning to make them myself [there are tons of diy videos online on how to make them] but i was never in the mood to spend that much time on making them and these tassels aren't even that expensive!
that said, even though most of the work is already done for you, it will take you some time to make one streamer. i think it took me little over an hour, but well worth it looking at the result below! tassels just brighten up any room.
wishing you a happy colorful week!

{the tassels are packed like this}
{included in one package are sixteen papers in four different colors. one string. 
one little tube and a simple instruction. it just can't go wrong}
1. lay one piece of paper flat on the table and start rolling it down the middle.
2. when you've rolled the entire paper {this part is the most time consuming} 
bend it right in the middle.
3. put the tube underneath the bend and cross the tassel. hold on to the paper with one hand and 
start turning the tube with the other.
4. after turning, remove the tube and it should look like..... a tassel!
5. put the string through the loophole.
6. and you're done! {washi makes everything stick}


nine|tree said...

So so so so good!

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