Friday, April 4, 2014

{meeting at the wedding venue}
my fiancĂ© and i had a conversation about the difference between male and female. in particular about being practical. i think we women are quick to get emotionally involved in just about everything, while most men don't and thus can see things more clear. men just handle with things because they need to be handled. plain and simple. this conversation came about because i was a little stressed about all the things we still had to do before the wedding. my fiancĂ© said not to worry; "just put everything on a list, you'll see it isn't as much as you think." "and then we pick one day this week to work through it." (the practical solution). writing things down is in most cases a good answer, this way all those things won't cloud your mind as much and when it's in writing it will give you more perspective. at the end of the day, three quarter of the list was done! "you see, nothing to worry about", he said.

{i love this city. there is so much creativity in this town}
{our visas were granted!}
{fitting suits}

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nine|tree said...

So the wedding is coming together! Can't wait!