Monday, April 7, 2014

these first three months have gone by so fast. i started this print journal on january 1st and today i'm on my 97th print already. some better than the other and not always content with the outcome, but certainly still having fun at it. in my daily work as a graphic designer i find this print and pattern making very liberating.
it's nice not to have set boundaries and just try all kinds of different things, styles and materials. and in this case, not having to elaborate to any clients is a big 'thumbs up'. i think it's important to have an (creative) outlet where you can do whatever you want, go with what your feeling at that moment and not having to explain. just do! it's in these moments you can even surprise yourself.
i started on a new set of digital prints this month, i thought it would be nice to pick some of my personal favorites i made these past three months. you can follow my progress on instagram @pdbs365. wishing you a nice week!

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