Tuesday, April 29, 2014

{the 'sydney opera house' // photo tohota}
this weekend we've booked our final accommodation in sydney, australia. four years ago when we were in california we had a great experience staying at two different places during our stay. this way we got to see more of the state and it was nice to have a change of scenery.
we also prefer staying in an apartment or house instead of a hotel. when you're staying in an apartment you really get the feel of living in this city/town. doing your daily grocery shopping allows you to get to know the locals and experience how they live. visit local bars, cafe's and restaurants. in many cases it's also less expensive than staying in a hotel.
{we have great experience finding our accommodation with homeawaybudgetplaces and airbnb}.

{blue mountains, 'three sisters' // photo edgeretreats}
it's going to be a long flight {appr. 20hrs}. it might even be the longest we've been on so far. because we will have a stop-over i will make sure to divide our clothes between our suitcases. on many occasions we've experienced that our luggage was 'lost'. not something to worry about, because they always make their way back to you, just a little later.
that said, there's nothing worse than not having a pair of clean underwear, socks or a clean set of clothes to put on. make sure there are clothes and toiletry of you and your travel partner in all of your luggage and try to divide them evenly. another thing to make your journey more comfortable is to dress in layers. it get's cold up in the air and it's better to take something off because you're warm than to be cold.

{things i make sure to pack in my hand-luggage}
1. book - 2. notepad - 3. candy - 4. deodorant - 5. ipod - 6. toothpicks 
7. tissues - 8. handcreme - 9. pen - 10. earplugs - 11. lipbalm - 12. sunglasses

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