Tuesday, February 11, 2014

the other day i read this comment on instagram; 'my philosophy on traveling: 90% who, 10% where'. ten years ago i wouldn't have known the importance of a good travel buddy. today i know it's o so true! sometimes finding a good travel buddy pairs with trial and error. you don't have to expect everything to go perfect the first or maybe even the first couple of trips. it's all about expectations and your ability to adapt.

discuss your expectations for the trip. express your goals and plans. 
if you are looking for a nice week getting your tan on, laying on a stretcher at the beach and your buddy wants to go out sightseeing and visit every museum in town. knowing your goal of getting that bronzed tan isn't on your buddies agenda, is something you don't want to find out when you're actually on your destination. everyone reacts different in situations. being in a new and unknown environment can also be a big influence. you might even respond different then you would at home and even surprise yourself. maybe your buddy (re)acts in a way you have never seen him/her and this look doesn't suit him/her very well. these are things you can't plan but definitely find out on your way.

adapting is key. 
try to deal with these situations as best as you can, always try to look on the 'bright' side. don't forget, your on this trip to experience new things and have fun! sometimes you have to find a middle way. that way you can both be happy en enjoy each others company. adapt to your surroundings. you're not at home and some things might not go/work the way you're used to. you can be hardheaded and try do it your way or just adapt and actually enjoy!

i know i wasn't the best travel buddy the first time traveling with my fiancé, my boyfriend at that time. this was over ten years ago. five weeks brazil. my first time overseas, my first time flying, it was my first time everything! my fiancé on the other hand, was much more experienced in traveling lucky for us we were in love and he was patient. he adapted to my inexperience and i got to learn a lot from him. like i said, sometimes finding your travel buddy pairs with trial and error. give it time. because when you've got that buddy, it doesn't matter what your destination is. you know you will have fun together.

thirteen years later and over a dozen trips crossed of our list, i know who my perfect travel buddy is! and luckily my fiancé can say the same.

next time more on the actual destination. what's your take on the statement
'90% who, 10% where' ? and do you have any more tips?
please do share.

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